Los Pinos.

May 1968. This is an unusual picture for several reasons. As mentioned in earlier captions, the two engines were being moved from Alamosa to Durango for the opening of the Silverton season. It was a one day dash with a small train on virtually a San Juan (passenger train) kind of schedule.

It was unusual for two K-28's to handle a freight alone; usually a K-28 would work with one of the larger engines when moving between Durango and the shop at Alamosa.

Secondly, the two engines are doubleheading in an area where the helper was usually cut into the train. But the small train was under the 1400 ton threshold in the special instructions that required mid-train placement of the second engine.

Finally, it's daylight. With the normal heavier trains more often than not it was dark by the time a westbound freight made it this far.