West of Chama.

September 1964. The profile between Chama and Durango was quite up and down, resulting in a variety of engine consists. Key gradients westbound were a short grade out of Willow Creek to east of Azotea, and several grades west of Gato to Falfa. Westbound trains usually ran with one engine out of Chama, with a helper running ahead light to Gato, and doubleheading from Gato to MP 433 near Falfa. If the train was heavy, the train would doublehead from Chama to Azotea. Doubleheading down the hill from Falfa to Durango was prohibited following a wreck about 1957. Eastbound the trip started with the stiff eastbound 2 percent Bocea Hill from Carbon Junction to near Falfa, and then a sustained 2 percent grade eastbound from Amargo through Monero. In the early 60's most eastbounds were doubleheaded through from Durango to Chama. As trains grew lighter, available engines and crews fewer, eastbound single engine trains became more common, with a helper out of Durango as far as Falfa.