Alva Lyons.

January 1960. During the last years of DRGW freight service to Durango, Alva Lyons was the senior conductor at Durango. In the 1950's he worked the Silverton trains, and was an early activist in trying to promote the train as a tourist attraction with the local community and with Rio Grande management. Today there is a bust of Alva in front the D&S station in Durango commemorating his contribution. In this picture he is in the caboose of a Farmington turn doing his paper work. The rear brakeman was Myron Henry, second senior trainman, and the head man in the dog house was Punk Blackstone, third senior trainman. During the winter, when the Silverton trains were not running, there was usually only one train a day with a Durango crew, so it got the senior men. Narrow gauge steam railroading was 19th century work being done in the 20th century. It was often tough and dirty, and offered few of the conveniences now taken for granted. These trainmen, along with the enginemen and the folks in the shops and stations, were the kind of men that made these pictures possible.