RGS main.

January 1960. The 478 is switching what used to be the Rio Grande Southern's entrance into Durango. This part of the line was owned by the DRGW to access the large smelter across the river, but on the other side of the river it connected with the RGS mainline. By 1960 the line was used only for storing cars. The track to the right of the 478 is part of the original Durango loop track, and also served several industries such as the mill on the edge of the picture. Coal from nearby mines was also loaded near the mill.

This area was needed by the Colorado Highway department for a major relocation of highways 160 and 550 from Durango streets to a bypass west of town. This area is now a busy highway intersection, and the Doubletree Hotel is about where the mill was. It was this highway relocation that required the building of the new railroad loop and doomed the water tank and coaling tower.